Ex situ Conservation

1. Conservation of selected Species

2. The first step toward reintroduction to the wild.

3. Protection to species from external threats

Conservation of Selected Species

Conservation of Selected Species

Ex situ conservation involves the maintaining and breeding of endangered plants and animals under partially or fully controlled conditions in specific areas including zoo's, gardens, nurseries, etc

For ex situ conservations the species to be conserved should be identified followed by adoption of different ex situ methods

First Step towards
reintroduction to the wild

Ex situ collection methods allow storage of individuals that have high potential for reintroduction.

It involves releasing of species from captivity to another area where it can survive, It aims to create a healthy,genetically diverse,self sustaining population

First Step towards reintroduction to the wild

Protection to Species from external threat

Protection to Species
from external threat

In a controlled environment and the species will get adequate basic needs for their survival it gives longer life time and breeding activity to animals

The ex situ conservation strategies include botanical gardens, zoological gardens, conservation stands and gene, pollen, seed, seedling, tissue culture and DNA banks etc