Zoo & Park

1. Awareness,conservation & educational activities

2. Ex-Situ Conservation

3. Children’s Park

Awarness,Conservation & Educational activities

& Educational activities

Students from various schools,colleges are encouraged by approaching them for nature education programmes.

The students are taken to different nature trails to sow the seeds of conservation and to ignite the young minds on importance of forest and wildlife conservation

Ex Situ Conservation

Zoo’s contribution to conservation is not limited to captive breeding, but as well is growing towards research,in situ conservation projects.

Zoo’s support the conservation of some of the most threatened species.

Ex Situ Conservation

Children’s Park

Children’s Park

Guindy Children’s Park is a recognized zoo,More than 1000 schools and about 80000 students visit Children’s Park as part of their nature education curriculum, which shows the preference.

More than 8 lakh visitors including about 1 lakh students visit Guindy Children's Park Zoo as part of their nature education