Chennai Wildlife Division

Our origins date back to colonial times,During the 1670s, a garden space was carved out of the Guindy forest and the Guindy Lodge was built by William Langhome, the governor of colonial Madras as his residence.

In 1978, this small area, popularly known as Guindy Deer Park, was declared as a national park. The park then started playing a major role in the ecological environment of Madras. A random rubble masonry wall was built all around the park in the late 1980s to provide better protection.


Urban Wildlife

We create an environment where Urban wildlife can live or thrive in urban or sub urban, around densely populated human settlements .


Human Animal Conflict

Our of HWC management is to enhance the safety of people and wildlife and to create mutual benefits of coexistence


Biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity conservation is all about protecting all organisms and species within their natural habitats to maintain genetic ,species,ecosystem diversity.


Eco Awareness

By making people understand how our actions impact the environment and the associated ecosystems, allow us to live in harmony with Nature.

Our Role in Environmental

We provide the services to support Afforestation, soil conservation, land use planning, preservation of flora and fauna, regeneration of degraded ecosystems, Management of Wetlands, Urban tree planting Management Plans etc

Programmes, which attempt in arriving at appropriate solutions to environmental problems and to regenerate environmental natural resources.Programmes for improving the quality of life of the people living below the poverty line.